Welcome to the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum!

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect to see when you visit us. If you have any questions about the museum, please feel free to contact us. Groups are welcome and tour guides are available.

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Bremer Community Conference Room

State-of-the art meeting room that comfortably seats up to 12 people. The room is equipped for audio-visual presentations. If your non-profit organization would like information about using the conference room, please call the Minnesota Lakes Maritime office at (320) 759-1114.


Pete & Mado Pederson Gallery

Home to the museum gift shop and swim suit history.



Mahan-Zimmerman Gallery

Coming July - September 2014 hosts The Maximilian-Bodmer Expedition: Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834



Mammel Foundation Exhibit Hall

Home to the Minnesota Boat Builders display and variety of classic wood boats and historic launches.

The Dungeness, is a 1884 24’ electric ELCO yacht tender, with a unique past. It was previously owned by the Andrew Carnegie family and attached to the ship of the same name. Dungeness spent her life carrying Carnegie’s guests to and from his luxurious 119’ yacht.

The Naphtha Launch 'Frieda' is a sleek 22' long craft believed to be one of only four in existence. It is powered by an amazing naphtha steam engine.

'Stella', is a restored, and fully operable, 1907 Fay & Bowen, 25 ft. Standard launch powered by a 10-horsepower, 2 cylinder Kermath engine.

The boat exhibit in the Mammel Foundation Exhibit Hall is constantly changing.


M.M. "Bud" Peterson Gallery

Features the ‘History of Larson Boat Works’ from Paul Larson’s humble beginnings building boats for friends in the Little Falls, Minnesota area, to the company becoming a major player in the fiberglass runabout market. The highlight is a fascinating interview with Earl Geiger, who was Paul Larson’s partner during the company’s transition into fiberglass, and arrival on the national scene.


The Summer Porch

Features the history of the Minnesouri Club on Lake Miltona. At one time Minnesota was home to hundreds of fishing clubs. These clubs were as much for fishing as they were social clubs. The Minnesouri Club exhibit highlights the club’s history on Lake Miltona and is still in existence today!


The Grand Hotel & Resort

The exhibit is installed near The Summer Porch. It features the grand lakeside hotels in photographs and memorabilia. This is an ever-growing exhibit.


The Fishing Gallery

Highlights Minnesota’s love for the sport of fishing. The quaint fishing gallery features antique tackle, handsome fish mounts, guide stories and other fishing memorabilia.


North Hall - History of Chris-Craft

This permanent exhibit is located in the new 5,000 sq. ft. hall adjoining the main museum. The extensive display is a collaborative effort between exhibit sponsor, Alexandria Clinic, P.A., the Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum, and the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, who provided much of the historic research, documentation, and archive images. It features an impressive chronological display of Chris-Craft company history.


North Hall - History of Gar Wood

The career of famous boat builder, and racer, Garfield "Gar" Wood began as a boy on Lake Osakis. Wood’s success in the business world later fueled his passion for speedboat racing. His skill at racing went beyond all competition, resulting in total domination of the sport for nearly 20 years. He not only drove the boats to victory, but he designed, and built them in his own shops.


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